Private loan against real estate Warsaw, GdaƄsk, loan at the bottom of the loan for flats Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, Katowice.

Investment debt – a conducted offer for enterprises which intend to allocate funds for investments. The buyer independently makes a statement of its liabilities to loan companies and income.

Loans secured without unnecessary procedures

Loans secured without unnecessary procedures

If you do not have the opportunity to print and send our own loan questionnaire, please call us by phone or e-mail, and our consultant will contact you and arrange all details during a short conversation.

The property constituting the collateral object may be charged with a bank loan, which may remain as long as it is serviced by the Customer. Everything was explained to me clearly and precisely, in total with the notarial deed.

We provide private loans secured by real estate

We provide private loans secured by real estate

In the amount of over 50,000 PLN and cars up to 50,000 PLN. We are not a company dealing with the so-called Since 2012, we have been implementing personal mortgage loans with an entry in section IV. The loans are characterized by the fact that they are without check-out and without transfer of ownership.

We provide Private Loans Underneath Real Estate Pledge for a huge audience.

A representative model for a mortgage loan granted for 12 months in the amount of PLN 50,000.00. We analyze your situation and select the most advantageous product, while offering the best possible conditions.

We grant loans from the first day of company registration. Security can only be a separate agricultural plot or part of the land and not accept all the property! All loans secured with apartments must be available free of charge for immovable property or a car.

The form of the loan agreement as well as its provisions

Are entirely based on principles consistent with the civil law code. We provide loans for the repayment of existing declarations: bailiffs, debt collection, social security, tax and private, as well as loans for leading business operations.

With us you will receive susceptible financing tailored to individual needs, the rules are very simple and ethical, we grant a loan secured on real estate, we expect reliability in paying off installments, in return we provide professional help and trust.

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