For more than thirty years, French households have continued to get into debt more and more. As a result, an increasing number of people find themselves in an unstable financial situation, and sometimes even at the limit of over-indebtedness. To get out of this spiral of borrowing always more, there is a solution, it is the grouping of credit.

First of all, a definition:


Credit consolidation consists of transforming several credits into one. A credit institution or bank repays an individual’s credit and then re-spreads the debt over a longer period, with lower monthly payments.

Result: The debt ratio is reduced to a proportion bearable by the household, its budget is again balanced. And of course the repayment term is lengthened.

Most households using credit pooling took out several revolving loans and used them without realizing that their debt ratio was becoming “unbearable” . however, it should be noted that credit consolidation (depending on the formulas proposed) may include other types of credit such as consumer loans (personal loans), bank overdrafts, personal debts (borrowing from friends or family), as well as home loans.

Given the growing indebtedness of the French in recent years, we have found it useful to dedicate a section to the grouping of credit on this site. You will be able to discover the various proposals of the banks and credit companies, but also those of the brokers specialized in credit regrouping (taking care of finding you the best offer).

Consolidation of loans Loans

Consolidation of loans Loans

Borrisis has been practicing “brokerage brokerage” for 13 years, we explain to you how this type of company works and what is a grouping of credits. We also explain how to get the best rate possible.

Conso credit consolidation Prefeo

Conso credit consolidation Prefeo

Do you know what a brokerage company is? We explain it to you through the activity of one of them, Prefeo. How does a purchase of consumer credit work? How does the broker pay? And especially how to find the grouping of credit the least expensive possible? Follow the guide !

Bank forbearance redemption

Bank forbearance redemption

It is said a lot, of things about the “Bank Interdictions”, some are true, but many are false. After having “twisted the neck” to some received ideas. We approach the subject of the possibility of obtaining a repurchase of credit by being prohibited banking, ie stuck FICP or FCC.

Careloan bank: The repurchase of credit

Careloan bank: The repurchase of credit

Households that have subscribed to too much consumer credit, can restore the situation by resorting to the repurchase of credit. Careloan bank proposes its solution: The credit consolidation. Our explanations on this type of loan a little particular. And to finish, the coordinates of Careloan bank, our advice and of course our opinion.

Redeeming credit Rainex Finances

Consolidation of consumer credit is often the solution for cleaning up a household’s finances. Some companies like Rainex Finances have specialized in finding the best credit redemption rates. But is it interesting? What are the advantages and disadvantages ? We explain it to you and give our opinion in.

To buy your mortgage back in the same bank?

To buy your mortgage back in the same bank?

It is not easy to navigate when you want to buy your mortgage. That’s why we decided to write a series of articles on the subject. To begin some explanations on the relevance of buying back from his bank. You will discover why sometimes your own bank can not match its competitors.

Credit buy-out at Credit Den

Credit buy-out at Credit Den

Our opinion on Credit Den’s acquisition of credit. And also our advice. We explain to whom he is addressing. Then you indicate step by step the steps allowing you to simulate your own loan consolidation on the CM website. As well as the steps to take with your advisor.

Purchase of credit Crystal bank

Crystal bank

We explain to you what is the repurchase of credit seen by the Crystal Bank, what are the conditions, (amount, repayment period), how are the fees calculated, and of course which are the credits concerned. How to make an online simulation? And our opinion.

Definition of the repurchase of credit


We have tried to give a simple definition of what is the purchase of consumer credit. You will learn what is the use of it. How to group your credits and who to contact. Then we will explain what is a real estate loan redemption?

The purchase of Lostdin credit

Lostdin is a financial company that acts as an intermediary between over-indebted individuals and banks or credit companies to find the best credit buy deals. We explain how to proceed. Discover our opinion and our advice.

Credit buyback by Wesille Bank

When it becomes difficult to repay the credits, there is a solution: the repurchase of credit. This is what Wesille Bank of the eleclerc group offers. We explain what it is. You will also find the instructions for obtaining a proposal (without commitment). You will also discover our advice.

Credit Redemption: What are the fees?


Redeeming your current credit can be a fruitful operation, as long as the competition is competitive and you are vigilant about the costs of doing so. We explain to you what these different costs correspond to (file, IRA, brokerage), and to what extent they are negotiable.

CAM: Redemption of credit

CAM’s all-in-one loan is a credit buy-back, we explain what it’s all about, how to do it and who it’s for, conditions, amounts, etc … but also our opinion and CAM contact information.

Redemption of available credit

You will find in these lines explanations on the purchase of credit Disponis, its operation and the instructions for use. And the credits concerned. But also the coordinates of Disponis (Crystal address and telephone numbers) and of course our opinions and advice.

Agricultural Credit: Loan Consolidation

Loan Consolidation

Some explanations on the loan consolidation (credit redemption) of Agricultural Credit, who is it for? How does it work? How to do in practice? What are the advantages of this financial product? We deliver you the instructions and of course, our advice and our opinion.

Credit buybacks finance partners


Check out our opinion on Partners Finance, a company that offers debt buyback solutions to highly indebted households, with the possibility of adding a new loan. Our opinion and our explanations on the purchase (or regrouping) of credit.

DLLC and the credit union

DLLC makes available to its customers “Solution conso redemption”, it is a credit redemption also called loan consolidation. We explain the operation and give you our opinion and our advice!

Loan consolidation (Bank agreement)

Loan consolidation (Bank agreement)

Bank Accord offers different financial products, here you will discover the purchase of credit. Who is he talking to ? How to make a credit redemption? What is our opinion?

Redemption of credit Gymna bank


Gymna Bank is aimed at people in financial difficulty and offers them its purchase of credit. We explain what it is. You will also find all the details of Gymna bank (telephone, mail, address etc.), as well as our ADVICE.

Redemption of credit: Society Genloan

Redemption of credit: Society Genloan

The repurchase of credit is sometimes the only alternative to over-indebtedness. Society Genloan offers its customers the option of buying back their consumer loans. We invite you to discover this credit as well as OUR OPINION.

Lamino Bank: Credit Redemption

Credit Redemption

Families often have difficulty repaying their credits, so they resort to credit redemption. Bank Lamino offers this solution. Discover our opinion, our advices and the coordinates of bank Lamino ..

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