The winter holiday season has started. Perhaps you have been thinking for a long time about going on skis, boards or to hot baths.

Everyone deserves a break from duties and many of us do not want to wait with the holiday trip until summer. Our advice Go on vacation! Even if you don’t have any free funds – nothing is lost.

Where to get money for holidays?


You save from month to month and you can’t save as much money as you would like? I think each of us knows how it is. No matter how high your income is, your appetite increases as you eat. It has long been proven that, along with earnings, our expenses also increase. No wonder that it is difficult to quickly find funds, e.g. for a spontaneous trip.

Or when your friends suggested you a fantastic trip at a great bargain price ? You don’t have to give up fulfilling your desires just because you don’t have any free cash on your account at the moment. If you know that in the coming months you will be able to earn the necessary amount, you can be tempted by a quick loan that will allow you to finance your vacation.

But what do you do when you feel you really need some rest?

But what do you do when you feel you really need some rest?

But how? After all, taking a loan involves formalities, I won’t be able to receive cash on time – you’ll probably think. Now, nothing more wrong! In modern banking, there are many options that allow you to quickly take out a loan. To speed up the procedure, you can opt for a loan without certification, for example. An installment payday loan may also be a good solution.

Perhaps you have so far been afraid of making such financial commitments. Know, however, that everything is for people. If you approach the topic of quick loan with due care, you will be able to enjoy your dream vacation trip without worrying about finances.

All you need to do is read the terms of the loan carefully before making your decision and calculate whether you will be able to pay back interest and interest. Well – what to do so that they are not too high? It is very important to choose a favorable offer from the available loans offered by banks and financial institutions. Our credit comparison tool will help you with this.

Quick loan without certificates – just in time for the holidays


Loan without certificates , i.e. an ID card loan enables you to receive a quick injection of cash in an emergency. The loan granting procedure is shortened and formalities are kept to a minimum. Loans without certificates are granted primarily by non-bank institutions – but also by some banks.

Usually, you will not need an income certificate from your employer to receive this type of loan. All you need is a self-completed statement of earnings and submission of account statements. Some lenders confirm the income of the applicant for a loan from their employer by contacting the company in which the borrower is employed. However, you do not need to provide any documents , as is the case with a traditional bank loan.

First, for a loan without certificates, you should go to a bank where you already have a personal account. If income regularly appears on it every month, our credibility automatically increases and we get a better chance of getting a loan.

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